Ballard Sprouts Seed Money Campaign Runs from Nov.15th to Dec.15th

Ballard Sprouts is a proud Sustainable Ballard project. We are funded by the Seattle Giving Garden Network(SGGN).  The SGGN fundraiser started on November 15th runs until December 15th but don’t wait until then, donate here:

Your donations will help purchase seeds, seeding soil, transplanting soil, fertilizer and other supplies that we will use for the 2023 growing season.

Each year Ballard Sprouts starts 20,000 seeds in February and tends these small plants until the weather is warm enough to plant outside.  These healthy, organic plants are donated to Seattle Giving Gardeners.  These gardeners grow the plants, harvest them and donate the produce to Seattle Food Banks and food needy communities. These plants give the gardeners a head start on the growing season.


For more about SGGN see,

For more about our fiscal sponsor GROW see,

Please forward this to your gardening friends and family and thank you for your support!