Ballard Sprouts May News

In late April we distributed another 8,000 cool weather crops to Seattle giving gardeners. We transplanted 1,000 tomato seedlings into pots and put them in the hoop houses. We will tend them until Memorial Day when they will be distributed to giving gardeners and that will complete the Sprouts Project for this year.

Next year will be our last year at our Ballard greenhouse location.  We will cut our production in half. Ideally there would be another location in Ballard that would pick up this project and we would use the next growing season to transfer our knowledge and procedures. If you or your neighbors have a greenhouse and/or a sunny space in your backyard, approximately 30′ x 10′, then please contact us at Would you be willing for volunteers to enter your yard to tend the plants from February thru April? We have over 20 Sprouts volunteers that are looking forward to continuing this project into the future but we need another location in Ballard. 

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