Ballard Sprouts has provided over 20,000 vegetable starts each year to the Seattle Giving Gardens over the last decade!

Ballard Sprouts is a proud Sustainable Ballard project. We are funded by the Seattle Giving Garden Network (  The SGGN fundraiser started on November 15th runs until December 15th at 9am but don’t wait until then, donate here:

Your donations will help purchase seeds, seeding soil, transplanting soil, fertilizer and other supplies that we will use for the 2023 growing season.

Michael, pictured above, has been a faithful monitor of the greenhouse and of all the young transplants which then grow in his yard. In two years, June 2024, Michael is retiring and Sprouts will need to find a new greenhouse. We would like to use the next two growing seasons to transfer our procedures and knowledge so that the Sprouts program can continue.  In fact, we would love to duplicate this project in 2-3 other locations in Seattle in order to reach a more diverse community of gardeners. But we are particularly looking for a greenhouse in Ballard because we have over 30 loyal volunteers in this area.  If you or your neighbors have a backyard greenhouse and would be interested in participating in this project then please email for more information.  These pilots could start this February with a goal of perhaps 1,000-1,500 plants, with room to grow into the future.