Ballard Sprouts First Distribution of the Year

Seattle Giving Gardeners from all over the city came to Ballard Sprouts on Friday, April 14 to pick up plants for their giving gardens.  These gardeners will grow the plants and donate the harvest to Seattle food banks.  Here are some photos of the gardeners who came by on Friday to pick up plants.

Ballard Sprouts planted over 20,000 seeds, starting in mid-February. Only half the plants are ready this weekend. There will be another distribution later in April. 1,200 tomato seeds are germinating in the greenhouse. These will be transplanted into pots and made available over Memorial Day weekend.  Our intention is to give the giving gardeners a head start on the growing season.

We’re actively looking for another greenhouse since we will no longer have access to our current Ballard greenhouse after June 2024.  Our current one will be available until June 2024 but we would like to use next year’s growing cycle to transfer our procedures. We do not expect the new location to grow as much as we do, maybe 2500 plants in 2024 then 5000 afterwards. Please spread the word with friends, family, and neighbors in Ballard who might have a greenhouse so that we can continue this project here.  Send any leads to