We’re 10 Years Old!

We’re thinking all those teenage organizations look pretty cool compared to us so, we thought it was time to update our look.

New Website!

We think you’ll like it! We’ve updated our content and preserved all the good old links. We’ve improved navigation and are making it really intuitive for first time visitors.

Big Thanks are in order to: Jodi Newton for spearheading the project and doing the lion’s share of creating the new look, to Richard Palmer and Fulvio Casali for technical expertise and assistance, and to the Communications Team (Eric Thomas, Julia Field, Jenny Heins, Emily Thousand & Courtney Rosenstein) for direction and content.

Updated Logo!

Yes, we are making our logo more readable and usable too! Thanks to Scott Bilstad for pro-bono design work.

New News!

Starting soon, our newsletter will come out with the same look and feel as the website. (Yes! even pictures!) We are doing some Spring Cleaning as we transfer your information over into a new, more flexible system, we’ll be asking you to let us know your interests so that we can send you only what you want!! You’ll be hearing from us in the next few weeks about that.

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