Ballard Sprouts

Greenhouse Openhouse

First started in 2012, this spring is the 3rd year of this fairly new project, growing and feeding our community! Volunteer gardeners plant vegetable seeds, transplant the sprouts and provide the Ballard and Interbay P-Patch Giving Gardens with vegetable starts.

sprout4- Sallie at work!

The P-Patch gardeners tend the starts, bring the plants to maturity and then distribute the harvested vegetables to Lettuce Link and the Ballard Food Bank. Last year, more than 5,000 sprouts were transferred from the Ballard Sprouts greenhouse to the P-Patches, resulting in thousands of pounds of produce donated to food banks, meal programs and shelters.

This spring, the group is already transplanting their first round of sprouts to go outside at our Ballard Greenhouse. Orders are in from the P-Patches where these organic veggie starts will soon be planted into designated plots grown entirely for food banks and community organizations.  Far more planning has been done, to make sure that our consumers are getting veggies that they will choose , cook and eat. We found out in previous years that huge crops of kale, although weighty in terms of poundage for the program, remained largely in food-bank bins.

Volunteers can go together or alone to spend time at the small Ballard Greenhouse.  It is peaceful, quiet and a wonderful place to ponder spring!

Interested?  You can join in any part of the process: planting seeds and tending sprouts in the Ballard Sprouts greenhouse, transporting vegetable starts to a P-Patch, helping with the harvest in the P-Patches, weighing and delivering the vegetables. No gardening experience necessary and all ages welcome!

Please contact Susan for more information or to volunteer.

Project Contact: Lori Conzatti