Ballard Knitters for the Homeless

knitting2Who we are: people who have never knit before, people who haven’t knit in a long time, and people who are knitting pros! We are happy to teach you to knit or work on a new pattern, and it’s okay if there are mistakes – they’re just as warm and it shows some sincerity. Come enjoy the opportunity to create and keep others warm through the winter.

Bring knitting needles size 9 or 10 and extra yarn to share if you have some.

When we meet: 2nd Friday of every month, 7-9pm at Bauhaus Coffee, 2001 NW Market Streeet, in Ballard, of course!

Who we donate to:  Nyer Urness House, Cheryl Chow House and the Bridge Care Center.


Contact Jody for more info.

Project Contact: Jody Grage