Mary and Rob

Mathison 1
The front-yard rain garden, displaying its full summer color!

“When we got a flier in the mail about RainWise from Wenger Design and Landscape, we thought, great idea!  Loralee came over, measured our roof, and recommended two rain gardens, front and back.

Our front yard is beautiful now – I love the variety of flowers in the rain garden, and it looks really natural. It’s fun to watch people stopping to admire it!

Mathison before
The front yard, “Before”

In the back, our smaller rain garden [not pictured] is tucked in neatly next to the property line.  It looks great, and with its small rock wall, it solved the muddy-driveway problem we had. Our downstairs tenant is delighted!”


Mathison after

• Two Rain Gardens (front and back)

• Wenger Design and Landscape

• 973 sf Roof Runoff captured

• $3407 Rebate

• 90% of total project cost