Ballard Sprouts – 12th and last year in Ballard.

Ballard Sprouts is complete for the year. We grew and distributed over 11,000 plants to Seattle Giving Gardeners who will grow them to maturity and deliver the harvest to the Seattle Food Banks. This is the 12th year and the last year for Ballard Sprouts. We have lost our greenhouse space in Ballard.-HUGE thank you to Michael for hosting all these years!  Fortunately we have found another greenhouse in the Maple Leaf area of Seattle on the corner of Roosevelt and NE 79Th St. Volunteers are welcome to sign up to work at the new location. The project runs from Mid-February to the end of April.

This year the Sprouts project started a new location on Beacon Hill at a private home with a greenhouse. This site grew over 7,000 plants and was a very successful 1st year.  Heron’s Nest in West Seattle has grown sprouts for the last two years.  With these three locations we aim to provide healthy plants to all Seattle Giving Gardeners for a head start on the growing season. See