Ballard Sprouts Program Grows Generously

Cukes in the GreenhouseIn only its second season, Ballard Sprouts has already provided thousands of pounds of fresh produce for needy families in Ballard.  The idea is simple – start seeds and tend the sprouts in the Ballard Sprouts greenhouse, then deliver them to local P-Patches, where the plants are tended to maturity in the Ballard and Interbay P-Patch Giving Gardens, then harvested and delivered to Lettuce Link and the Ballard Food Bank.

Ballard Sprouts tranBlooming Rhodies and Pole Beanssferred more than 5,000 sprouts to the P-Patches this year, DOUBLE last year’s amount!  Their hard work resulted in thousands of pounds of produce donated to food banks, meal programs and shelters, helping hundreds of people supplement their diets with fresh, organic and local produce.

1-Plant deep! Bury those stemsVolunteers of all ages help with every part of the process:   planting seeds, tending sprouts, transferring starts to a P-Patch, helping harvest in the P-Patches, weighing and delivering produce.

Would you like to help next year?   Check out our project page to learn how!

In the Greenhouse