Meaningful Movies Project presents “Resisterhood”

A film about the power of women, hope and resistance.
Online screening and panel discussion, October 27th @ 6pm

RESISTERHOOD is an award-winning documentary about this turbulent time in American politics and the people who rose to meet it.


In the three-plus years since the 2016 elections, Americans have resisted and persisted.

We flooded the streets and packed the airports. We spoke up at town halls and sat down in Congressional offices. We stood for human rights and for each other. We raised our voices and we voted. Through it all, RESISTERHOOD was there.

This powerful documentary captures the stories of everyday Americans who became grassroots activists working tirelessly to defend our democracy and stop the erosion of our civil rights. RESISTERHOOD showcases the wave that brought us the most ethnically, racially and gender diverse Congress in history. It shares stories of hope that will re-energize the movement and inspire even more people to join the fight to secure a bright future for our county.

RESISTERHOOD will weather the test of time as a vivid picture of this unusual period in American politics and stand as a testament to the strength of ordinary Americans during this extraordinary time.