Idle Free Ballard at Bike Everywhere Day

Our Idle Free project lead Polly was up early on May 17th to table with our friends from Ballard-Fremont Greenways for Bike Everywhere Day at the Celebration Station located on the West side of Gilman Park. She shared out info on ways to increase sustainability while decreasing idling. Thank you to all who participated in the fun community event!

Ride your bike more this Summer! Be the change you want to see in the world! Turn off your engine – while waiting for the Ballard bridge to open(enjoy the view!), outside your child’s school(walk to pick up/drop off your kid), or in the drive-through(opt to park and go inside!). Simple things can make a big difference: check your phone before you turn your car on. Protect air quality, human health, and climate stability – unnecessary vehicle idling wastes four million gallons of fuel in the US every day!

To get cards or posters, help with tabling, or learn more, visit