Compost Your Holiday Greens

Seattle residents may compost trees and greens, free of charge, between December 26 and January 11.

At the South Transfer Station: Trees should not exceed eight feet in length and must be free of decorations so they can be turned into compost for local parks and gardens. Trunk length should not exceed four inches in diameter. The transfer station will accept up to three trees per vehicle for free. The South Transfer Station is located at 130 South Kenyon St. For more information visit our dump and transfer station website or call(206) 684-8400.

At the Curb: Food and yard waste subscribers can put trees and greens out on their regular collection day if trees are cut into sections, six feet or shorter, and branches are trimmed to less than four feet to fit into collection trucks. Bundle each section with sisal string or twine (not plastic). Decorated, flocked and plastic trees are not recyclable and will be charged as extra garbage.

At Apartments: Check with your manager. Multi-family buildings can put out one tree next to each food and yard waste cart per collection day at no extra charge.