Ballard Sprouts Project Starts up again in mid-February!

The Ballard Sprouts Project plants over 20,000 seeds each February in a backyard greenhouse. We tend the small plants until they are large enough to transplant them, 5 per pot. Then we care for them until they are hearty enough to be put in to the soil in early April. These plants are free to Seattle Giving Gardeners who will grow the plants to maturity and donate the harvest to the Seattle area food banks. This gives the giving gardeners a head start on the growing season.

These photos illustrate the Sprouts project from planting the seeds, transplanting, putting the pots outside, covering them in bad weather and distribution in April. We also plant 1000 tomato seeds, selecting varieties for Seattle. We keep them in hoop houses and tend them daily, covering and uncovering them, depending on the weather. Seattle giving gardeners pick up the tomatoes at the end of May.

If you are interested in participating in this project we ask for a commitment of one hour per week from Mid February to the end of May.