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Find me also at, WikiPedia:User:D0li0, WikiBooks:User:D0li0, MetaWikiPedia:User:D0li0, is a national grass-roots initiative to demonstrate to automakers that a market for flexible fuel PHEVs exists today. "Forget Hydrogen, Forget Hydrogen, Forget Hydrogen". "It's a coalition between the Tree-Huggers, Do-Gooders, Sod-Busters, Cheap Hawks, and the Evangelicals". Sign the petition, watch the webcast, and spread the word. In short, a PHEV delivers all of the advantaged of a BEV while retaining the unlimited range of traditional gas vehicles. See our Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Projects Page for more information and links to everything we know about this emerging technology.

Watch the webcast, Sign the Petition, maybe become a Partner.