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Sustainable Ballard

A Blueprint for EveryTown USA
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Welcome to Sustainable Ballard!

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10th Annual Sustainable Ballard Festival
Mark your calendars now for Sept. 29, 2013

And please Support our Festival Sponsors
We can't do it without them!!

About Us

The goal of Sustainable Ballard is to help prepare ourselves and our community to sustain and thrive in a post-peak-oil future, by supporting and inspiring each other to build a healthy and joyful life that is environmentally, socially and personally sustainable. To achieve this resiliency, we believe some key ingredients are getting connected with our neighbors to strengthen the social fabric of the community, learning new skills, getting educated on sustainability related matters, building a local food supply and a local economy, and sharing resources.

We invite all of our Ballard neighbors and friends to become more connected with others in the community by participating in Sustainable Ballard activities, including learning opportunities, community service, resource sharing, social events, and more. When we engage, we become part of creating the thriving community and lifestyle we want and need.

Volunteering with Sustainable Ballard

Get more involved with your favorite neighborhood sustainability group!
Sustainable Ballard is powered by 100% clean volunteer energy! We would welcome your participation and ideas!
A Big Thank you and a warm welcome to all who stepped forward to volunteer recently! Check out our newsletter and Volunteer Page links on this webpage for current opportunities.

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Check out the newsletter for upcoming events, announcements, and most current volunteer opportunities. Click "Join Sustainable Ballard" at the top right of this page to get on the newsletter mailing list!

Monthly Gathering (every 4th monday)

Come by and learn what we are up to now!

February 24, 2013

Soma Yoga Studio
1423 NW 70th St
What time? 
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
For more information, contact

Stop by and:

  • learn about ongoing and upcoming new programs
  • find out what you can do to get more involved
  • meet Sustainable Ballard organizers and enthusiasts
  • have some coffee, tea and pastries on us!

About Us

Sustainable Ballard, a blueprint for Everytown, USA, educates, inspires, and engages neighbors to take action to live more sustainably both individually and collectively. Our vision is an inclusive, joyful, sustainable community co-creating a world for this and future generations where eco-systems are healthy and peace is inevitable.

Join the Sustainable Ballard mailing list or individual guild lists, to receive important updates on Sustainable Ballard.

Become part of the Sustainable Ballard Community

Our site is a community effort. You will find some pages are protected and may only be updated by board members, but most of them are open for the public to create, update, edit and patrol. Our previous website is still available for awhile as we transfer information over to the wiki. archive Sustainable Ballard web page.

For new users, here are some wiki tips.

Events are located on the navigation bar at the top of the page.
Working Guilds and Taskforce links are now located on the left side of the page.

1% from Ballard Market

Your Ballard Market receipts mean income for Sustainable Ballard! As a charitable organization registered with Ballard Market, Sustainable Ballard receives a donation of 1% of pre-tax subtotals from receipts we send in to them. Please save your receipts. You can bring them to any Sustainable Ballard meeting, or mail them to us at 2442 Market Street PMB 286, Seattle 98107. This is EASY money, so keep those receipts coming! Ballard Market only. Thanks!

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