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Saturday House/Feb 9, 2008

From Sustainable Ballard

February 9, 2008

Karen's Place
6112 17th Ave NW
What time? 
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
For more information, contact 
fulvio - 206-295-6086 or Karen - 206-200-5461

Details of Karen's Place

I live in a rented duplex, with 2 rooms + kitchen upstairs, and another room (heated by a space heater only) downstairs, so there should be enough space for folks to do various things.

Who's coming, and what are you planning to do?

  • fulvio: from 10 til noon I'll be at a wide-world changers support group, but I'll be at Saturday House the rest of the day. I'd like to explore Google's OpenSocial, and see how non-profits and community activist groups can tap into that. I'm not caucusing, since I can't vote (no, not a felon, the other kind of unrepresented human).
  • Karen: I'll be there, possibly sorting out my current knitting project, grappling with iTunes, baking something (for immediate consumption), or just hanging out and enjoying everyone's company! I won't be caucusing, so feel free to come by any time between 10 and 5.
  • LionKimbro: I'll be there, probably more towards the morning side of the day; I'd like to put together a flier for Ballard Saturday House, and perhaps, ... ...a hand-drawn map of Ballard, *for* Sustainable Ballard? May also program, talk about the Introduction to Sociocracy with fulvio, ...
  • jenny: I'm going to drop off wood and firepit at Vic's and then head over now. Don't know what I will be doing when I get there, but I'm bringing a game.

Goings on

(... in reverse chronological order)

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  • We are winding down. Jenny left an hour ago, Lion is wearing his coat and backpack, and I'm ready to go. Great day! Thanks, Karen! 03:53 PM February 09, 2008
  • Lion says: someone needs to write a narrative of the 200 year story (that came out of the advance) 02:40 PM February 09, 2008 -- just discovered -- Open Space Seattle:2100 which seems related
  • Discussing Sociocracy 02:15 PM February 09, 2008
  • SB structure 01:34 PM February 09, 2008
  • BIG SCOOP: Jenny told us she got permission to use her place for Sat Hs. :) Sounds like we have a place for next week. 01:17 PM February 09, 2008
  • Lion is telling us about SoDo SatHs history and future 01:16 PM February 09, 2008
  • Harold Bloom: "Western Canon" ----> would a "Ballard Canon" make sense? 01:07 PM February 09, 2008
  • So far: competitive vs. non-competitive games; naming the "community action forum" (temporary name) for the Green Festival. 12:55 PM February 09, 2008
  • Lion and Jenny showed up. 12:32 PM February 09, 2008
  • Open since 10am at Karen's place. Fulvio just got here, going to Patty Pan to get lunch. 12:10 PM February 09, 2008

Other notes: Karen cooked cake for us all! We also had fresh guacamole and chips.  :)

Fulvio wrote a brief write-up here: