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RainWise - Get Started!

From Sustainable Ballard

RainWise is worth jumping up and down about!

Get Started!

Thanks for helping our neighborhood Get RainWise! We're excited that you're ready to join the Ballard RainWise family - enhancing our properties while doing our part to protect Puget Sound. Already over 180 households (and counting!) are participating - Go, Ballard!

Here’s How to Get RainWise

STEP ONE - See If You Qualify for a RainWise Rebate

  • The Ballard Basin Rebate area is (approximately) west of 15th NW, and between NW 56th and 85th Streets.
  • Do you rent? Let your landlord know about RainWise!
  • Not in the Zone? Watch your mailbox - RainWise will be going city-wide by 2018.

Want ideas and inspiration?

  • Visit some RainWise Installations in Ballard, virtual or live!
    • Take the Ballard RainWise Virtual Tour to meet RainWise neighbors from home.
    • Make your own walking or driving tour with this handy Map.

STEP TWO - Ready for a Free Consultation?

  • The RainWise-trained contractors on this Roster are ready and willing to work in the Ballard Basin. Call one or more today!

Got Questions? Want some guidance?

  • Sustainable Ballard's RainWise team is eager to help you get RainWise. Let us know how we can help!

STEP THREE - Get RainWise!

  • Get Your RainWise Project Installed & Claim Your Rebate
    • Most contractors will handle all the paperwork.