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Find a RainWise Contractor

From Sustainable Ballard

Setting up a free consultation with a RainWise Contractor will get your project off and running! The contractors listed here are all RainWise trained, and are ready and willing to work in the Ballard area.

Not sure who to call? Take the Ballard RainWise Virtual Tour, and take note of who did the projects you like best. Also note on this list who does cisterns and rain gardens or both, according to your interests. Feel free to call more than one contractor, to get more ideas and find who you feel most comfortable working with.

Sustainable Ballard is working with Seattle Public Utilities to encourage participation in the RainWise program. For a complete list of RainWise-trained contactors, visit

RainWise Contractors
Business Name Name Email Phone Installations
Ballard RainWater Storage & Delivery Systems Robert Becker 206-931-6345 Cisterns
Bristow Enterprises Jim Bristow 206-841-1964 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Brush strokes Ed Youch 425-208-5561 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
C2 Urban Garden Design Inc Christie Coxley 206-683-7919 Rain Gardens
Cascadia Edible Landscapes Michael Seliga 206-708-9298 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
EarthSystemsNW Bruce Hostetter 206-619-4773 Cisterns
Ecoyards Andy Nicholls 206-770-7879 Rain Gardens
Erin Lau Design Erin Lau 206-473-2332 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Fasoldt Gardens LLC Nancy Fasoldt 206-941-8735 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Forrest Gardens LLC John Barker 206-755-3842 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Garden Seasoning Inc David Griffin 206-782-0418 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
HAZEL Landscapes & Edibles Annika McIntosh 206-351-9407 Rain Gardens
Iliad Inc David Dorland 206-282-4200 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Ladybird Design Angie Bradbury 206-919-6375 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
land2c Landscape Design Kat & Tim King 206-786-5971 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
LFP Construction, LLC Lisa Harbart 206-371-3079 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Microhouse Bruce Parker 206-428-8599 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
N.W. Bloom EcoLogical Landscapes Jessica Bloom 425-486-6902 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Rain Dog Designs, LLC David Hymel 253-389-2060 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Stone Soup Gardens Jacob Harris 206-661-7628 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Trillium Design Cindy Hazard 206-595-9764 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Vireo Design Studio Jan Satterthwaite 406-409-9970 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Warden Construction Ry Warden 206-778-8384 Rain Gardens + Cisterns
Wenger Design and Landscape, Inc. Loralee Wenger 206-932-7138 Rain Gardens + Cisterns

Neither the City of Seattle nor Sustainable Ballard is endorsing any specific business or making any representation or warranty regarding their qualifications, products, or workmanship. The City and Sustainable Ballard disclaim any liability that may be alleged to arise from the work of any business on a customer project.