Spring into action — volunteer to help feed hungry neighbors

Spring is upon us and that means the farmers will be bringing more and more produce to the Ballard Farmers’ Market.  Our Market Gleaning project is looking for volunteers to help collect fresh produce from these generous farmers every Sunday for delivery to the Ballard Food Bank.

Extra hands with vehicles (pickups or vans) are needed to help collect this wonderful bounty; teams of gleaners rotate so the commitment is no more than once per month, 3:30-5pm, on Sundays.  Early Spring is a great time to join up — it’s a little slower and less hectic, and you can learn the ropes before things pick up again as we move into warm weather.  The more volunteer teams we have, the less often each team will be put onto the schedule — many hands make light work!

Interested?  Please contact Jennifer for more information or to sign up.