Market Gleaning


In 2012, Food Guild members collected 6,355.75 pounds of food donated by farmers at the Ballard and Interbay Farmers Festival foodMarkets, and transported the food to the Ballard Food Bank.

Ballard Farmers Market – Sundays
If you are interested in helping with the gleaning project, contact Jennifer.

Project Contact: Jennifer Mundee

2012 Gleaning Stats:
Acma Mission Orchards   295 lbs
Alm Hill Gardens    70 lbs
Alvarez Farms   1245 lbs
Billy’s Gardens   105 lbs
Boistfort Valley Farm    845 lbs
Booth Canyon Orchard    75 lbs
Children’s Garden    10 lbs
Collins Family Orchards    210 lbs
Collinwood Farm    95 lbs
Full Circle   1542.5 lbs
Gaia Rising Farm    30 lbs
Growing Things Farm    207.5 lbs
Growing Washington    100 lbs
Lyle    15 lbs
Magana Farms    10 lbs
Maltby Produce Markets    20 lbs
Martin Farm    80 lbs
Nash’s Organic Produce    555 lbs
One Leaf Farm    140 lbs
Oxbow    345 lbs
Summer Run Farm    10 lbs
Tall Grass Bakery    318.75 lbs
Tiny’s Organic   32 lbs