Our organization and its many projects run largely on passion, creativity, and volunteer commitment, with financial support from sponsors, individuals, and so far, one foundation.

YOU can now become a Supporting Member of Sustainable Ballard or make a donation of any size. YOUR CONTRIBUTION will help us bring new projects to life more quickly and effectively, and will offset our monthly costs for meeting space, utilities and outreach. As our funding base grows, we’ll be able to work at a larger level to engage more and more Ballard neighbors in our vision of a sustainable Ballard, and also “seed” more sustainability groups in other neighborhoods. We welcome your donations – no amount too large or small!

Visit our SUPPORTERS PAGE to learn about donor and supporting member benefits and to make your donation online.

DONOR – make a donation of any amount.

We appreciate your tax-deductible contribution!

If you would like to donate or join by check, please mail your check to:

Sustainable Ballard
2442 NW Market St. PMB 286
Seattle, WA 98107


Save your Ballard Market receipts!

1% from Ballard Market

Your Ballard Market receipts mean income for Sustainable Ballard! As a charitable organization registered with Ballard Market, Sustainable Ballard receives a donation of 1% of pre-tax ballard marketsubtotals from receipts we send in to them.  Please save your receipts. You can bring them to any Sustainable Ballard meeting, or mail them to us at 2442 Market Street PMB 286, Seattle 98107.  This is EASY money, so keep those receipts coming!  Ballard Market only.  Thanks!



Make Sustainable Ballard, Sustainable, With Your Planned Giving Strategies

“It’s important to Sustainable Ballard’s long-term viability that we receive the generous support of our community and members through cash gifts, appreciated assets, and bequests, large and small”, says board member Eric Smith. He went on, “these special giving options give our most dedicated members an effective way to support Sustainable Ballard’s programs that transform our community in tangible ways, making a better tomorrow for all.”

If you would like to make a tax-deductible cash gift or donation of appreciated assets Sustainable Ballard, a 501(c)3 non-profit, can accept your gifts directly. Please directly contact a board member for details.

Providing for Sustainable Ballard in your estate plans can be as simple as adding a codicil to your existing will. You can make a specific dollar amount or a percentage bequest, a residuary bequest, or a contingent bequest. This ideally requires advance consultation with your financial planner and/or attorney.

Board President Jenny Heins adds, “Even a mostly volunteer-run organization such as ours needs help covering its expenses incurred in furthering its mission. Community financial support helps us deliver programs educating the community and promoting renewable energy, water wise gardens, urban organic gardening, and local social justice issues.”

If you have already made provisions for Sustainable Ballard in your will or another type of planned gift, please let us know. Unless you wish to remain anonymous, we will recognize your generosity and publish your name occasionally in newsletters, web pages, or festival program guides.

If you are interested in learning more about cash gifts, donating appreciated assets, or future gifts by bequest please contact a board member at or (206) 701-7000.

Disclaimer: Neither Sustainable Ballard nor its board or staff are qualified to offer financial, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult with your personal advisors in the process of considering these planned giving strategies.

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Your contribution helps fund new projects, community outreach and cover monthly costs for meeting space, storage and utilities.