A Summer To-do list you’ll love to do!

From our friends at Northwest Earth Institute:

Oh YES, it’s here … summer in the northern hemisphere.  It’s a time that brings us backyard barbecues, fun adventures, water sports, and so much more.

To help you get the most out of your summer, we’re sharing ideas for getting outside, finding balance, and helping the planet. When we do good for ourselves and others, and treat the environment with care, we thrive and so do our communities. We hope this list serves as inspiration and motivation for you throughout the summer.

#4 Drinking lots of water applies to our pets, too!
#4 Drinking lots of water applies to our pets, too!
  1. Go for a hike, run, or walk
  2. Help a neighbor weed their yard
  3. Volunteer with your local parks conservancy group
  4. Drink lots of water. And then drink more
  5. Look up at the sky and find animal shapes in the clouds
  6. Observe wildlife and flora in your backyard, document it using iNaturalist
  7. Play a musical instrument in the grass
  8. Spend 20 minutes learning something new
  9. Share what you learned with others
  10. Donate a bag of groceries (or a few cans) to your local food pantry
  11. Find a mountain water source and take a cool plunge
  12. Take a nap in a hammock (in the shade!)
  13. Explore a new hiking or biking trail
  14. Strive for zero waste
  15. Invite your neighbors to a game of hopscotch
  16. Call a friend just to say hello
  17. Learn about urban foraging and then see what’s available in your community
  18. Challenge yourself
  19. Reduce food waste by starting a compost bin
  20. Take regular social media and news timeouts
  21. Read a book under a tree
  22. Organize a beach or park clean up
  23. Sit in silence outside and listen to the world around you
  24. Smile at a stranger
  25. Try new vegetarian BBQ recipes, such as grilled peaches or watermelon poke bow

This fall, Sustainable Ballard will be organizing a group to discuss Choices for Sustainable Living 2018, an updated version of one of NWEI’s most popular discussion books.  If you might be interested in joining the group (we have a limit of ten participants), please contact Margaret and let her know what are the best times for you to meet.  Ten sessions, two hours each.